Post Fight Quotes From Jason Estrada:

“If everyone in this room were completely honest with themselves you would all admit that I got robbed. I mean I got played. I might as well have had a gun pointed to my head. At best I give Adamek three of the twelve rounds. I seriously think the last judge doesn’t need to judge anymore. Yeah I’m angry. I fought my a_ _ off. I trained harder than I ever have. I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. People talked about me possibly running out of gas, but I never did. All he (Adamek) did was run. If I learned one thing tonight it was that I can’t go into anyone’s hometown to fight. What do I have to do bring a gun?”

Quotes from Tomasz Adamek:

“It was the best Jason Estrada I’ve ever seen in my life. He was 50 percent better today, than he when he fought a top three heavyweight like Alexander Povetkin. Quick, with a good defense and a very hard head. It was extremely difficult to locate precise punches, because of his defense. Maybe, I should have use more than three punches combination, maybe risk a little more? I wanted to do it, but my trainer Andrzej Gmitruk was telling me all the time in the corner to be more boxer than puncher, avoid his punches first, then use different temp to throw him of his strategy. It was another test in heavyweight division, versus very difficult to fight boxer. “

“I was hit couple of times hard, sure – but this is a part of boxing. But none of his punches made me change my tactics or get sacred, not at all. I knew he didn’t have a knockout punch…”

“I weighed 220 pounds for this fight, probably an ideal weight for me, I was prepared for 12 rounds, and pretty early in the fight I realized this is what would happen. So I had to conserve more energy, maybe be less aggressive than in my previous fights.”

“I don’t even want to get into these Jason assumptions that he was robbed. I think I won by four, maybe five points. My trainer Andrzej Gmitruk wanted me to be more boxer than puncher, was screaming at me in the corner. But how can I fight differently when I have a 10,000 of my red and white fans screaming for me to do just that? They pay good money to see entertaining fight, not some boring, slow guys throwing 10 punches a round.”

“I have couple of words for those who are saying that I cannot fight Arreola because he is a much better puncher than Estrada. First of all every fight is different, and anyone who knows about boxing can say ‘Estrada hit him, but Arreola will do the same, and harder.’ We don’t know that. Maybe it will be easier for me to avoid punches from Arreola, and maybe it will be easier for me to hit him! We just don’t know, but won’t it be interesting to see…“

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